What to Expect:

We value you as a person and a patient. Your time is important so we will always see you at exactly your appointed time. Your time is your time and we promise to be ready to focus our full attention on you.

We respect you as a mindful person with body awareness. Our cooperative techniques depend upon your active involvement in the healing process. We will train you in certain positions that speed the healing process so that you do not re-injure the problem area. We will also instruct you in where and how to use ice and heat to reduce pain and expedite healing.

We will never subject your body to any fast or scary thrusting techniques. Many professionals may consider these popping and snapping methods to be synonymous with chiropractic, however we think that they are old school and can actually be counterproductive. Our methods are designed to give the body time to adapt to a new position and pattern. Slow and gentle highly specific stretching can alter problems that are years and even months in the making without destabilizing joints or traumatizing ligaments.

You will play an active role in your healing. Chronic muscle tightness and spasm are much like writers cramp. Constant contraction of muscles acts to pinch off the blood flow through that muscle, leaving the area feeling tight, full and almost bruised feeling. To clean these contracted muscles of the lactic acid that makes them so sore we will get you on a daily walking program. Our goal is leave your body in a healthy and self-sustaining condition.

We will try to understand your problem by using our ears and our hands and our minds. We do not own an X-ray machine nor do we believe that you need to be exposed to potentially harmful radiation in most cases. By a process we call "finger walking" we can literally map the tight muscles and stressed areas within your body and develop a plan for healing them.

We will not rush through your treatment. We will spend a minimum of twenty minutes with you each visit even on simple and uncomplicated cases. For involved issues, the doctor will more likely schedule a forty minute slot to insure that the treatment in thorough and effective. In extreme cases we have been known to devote an hour our more to a patient in dire need.

You will experience ultrasound nearly every treatment. Ultrasound is a very gentle yet deeply penetrating form of therapy. It is designed to reduce pain, spasm and swelling within muscles and joints. Vibrating at one million cycles per second the machine cleans a damaged area rapidly and allows us to tackle long term problems effectively.

We will look at and consider the function of your entire body as a whole. For example, many headaches come from upper neck problems but the upper neck issue can not be fixed without considering the pelvis problem that created the continuing twist in the neck. Just like the Leaning Tower of Pisa; the upper floors look the most out of place yet the fix for the problem lies in the foundation.

We will treat you as part of our extended family and as a unique human being.


  • We also provide instruction in exercise tailored to you particular condition and treatment.
  • We provide expert guidance in the selection of the correct bed to ensure a full and restful sleep.
  • We provide expert advice on the selection of the best pillow and instruction on how to use that pillow to support the neck.
  • We provide on-site expert analysis of x-rays, CAT scans and MRI imaging by a trained radiologist.
  • We provide full body massage performed by fingers which listen to the needs of your body rather than imposing an external form learned by rote.
  • We provide a full service health care that realizes that your health comes from inside your body, not from inside a bottle.
  • We provide full body care not limited to the spine: feel bent over, feet are swollen and going numb, osteoarthritis of the knees or hips, we can relax the muscles and stop the progression of pain.